STREAM: Grandkids’ New Single “Agur”

Photo by Brittany Sowacke

Photo by Brittany Sowacke

Chicago-based band Grandkids are releasing their sophomore album This Guitars on Dec. 16 via Heirship Records. We’re excited to share the second single off their new record with you.

Grandkids have been playing “Agur” for a few years now, dating back to at least 2014 when they played the song on an episode of the buzz Talks Podcast.

Listen to “Agur” here:

The band will be playing their record release show in Champaign on Dec. 16. Here’s the event. You can also grab a pre-order copy of This Guitars here.


This Guitars

1. Dust Cabin
2. Agur
3. Dinner Women
4. Only to Be Blue
5. Royal Jam
6. Pinball
7. Seamripper
8. Earring
9. Yip!
10. Tangle

This Guitars also features four songs that were played live on that 2014 podcast, which you can listen to here:

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