Check Out Engine Summer’s New “Video Album” Yellow

Engine SummerChicago band Engine Summer is releasing their latest album Yellow a little differently.

The band opted to film their entire record in a half-hour set at the Foam Palace rather than going into a studio to hammer out the tracks. You can watch (and listen to) the full album here:

Guitarist Jeremy Marsan said the band was looking for a quick way to capture the album before their drummer left the band.

“We didn’t want the drawn-out process of entering a studio, so getting everything done in one or two takes was neat,” Marsan said. “Also, we always felt like the live performance was a pretty key aspect of our band, so getting to capture that before our drummer left was really awesome.”

You can catch Engine Summer live on August 12 at Burlington Bar in Chicago.

Here’s the tracklisting for Yellow:
1. Dread Ross Disco (@ 0:00)
2. Hyde (@ 6:45)
3. Animal (12:05)
4. Cascade (@ 17:15)
5. Sapere (@ 21:36)
6. Run Thru Jungle (CCR cover) (@ 25:48)

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