REVIEW: Parachute Day – Thank You Notes

ghost track album reviewsParachute Day Thank You NotesArtist: Parachute Day
Album: Thank You Notes
Release: April 14, 2016
Our Take: “Buy It”

Parachute Day‘s debut is about as good as you could’ve asked. The five-track instrumental album toys with the instrumentation that has driven emo music for the past few decades and pushes it to its full potential — so much so that there’s no need for vocals when evoking some emotion.

“Yearbook” offers up a prime example, hitting hard with clean guitar tones that clasp together to orchestrate a nostalgic sentiment first introduced by the song title itself. Each guitar has a purpose and its own direction in each song, utilizing every next step, rather than taking advantage of lazy songwriting and hitting a few chords behind one driving riff.

The fact that each song is able to capture a certain emotion by playing off the initial emotion created by its song title show off an effort beyond most albums. Parachute Day’s debut is a concentrated effort that goes beyond clicking record and placing the EP on bandcamp. There’s clear thought that went into it and a lot of times that makes all the difference. Ignoring the timidly recorded drums, this release is an all-around great one that’s worth a lot of listens.

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