Bones Jugs (N Harmony) Shortens Name for Upcoming Album

Bones Jugs N Harmony Don't Waste a Drop coverChampaign-Urbana band Bones Jugs will release their second full-length album, entitled Don’t Waste a Drop, on April 30.

The 13-track album will be celebrated with a release show at The Accord (formerly The HighDive) in downtown Champaign. It also comes on the heels of the band shortening its name to Bones Jugs, from “Bones Jugs N Harmony.”

“Most people assume we were served with a cease and desist letter, but in reality Bone Thugs actually knows about us, has seen video of us covering ‘Tha Crossroads,’ and didn’t mind at all,” frontman Cody Jensen said. “The real reason we dropped ‘N Harmony’ is that, too often, people would see the name and make assumptions about what we do.”

Jensen said people would often misconceive the band as a bluegrass/hip-hop mashup or a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony cover band, and “other ideas that are way off base.”

The band began writing the album in early 2015, with the bulk of the record being written late last year, according to Jensen.

Jensen said the band members turned their living room into a home studio for two weeks while they recorded the album in January, along with engineer Jake Metz earlier this year.

Here’s the tracklisting for the album:

Don’t Waste a Drop

1. Love Don’t Pay the Bills
2. Black Dog
3. The Nurse Is In
4. Don’t Waste a Drop
5. Kimmy Nibbler
6. Dang
7. Coffee Song
8. Side Door Blues
9. I Know That You Get Told This All The Time
10. Pan-Fried
11. Takin’ It Back
12. Ain’t No Monday
13. Bare Necessities

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