REVIEW: Insta – Horn Rim Fury

ghost track album reviewsInsta Horn Rim FuryArtist: Insta
Album: Horn Rim Fury
Re-release: March 21, 2016
Our Take: “Stream It”

Sometimes there’s good stuff hidden behind something that looks rushed or in over its head. The album artwork for Insta‘s debut EP Horn Rim Fury is surely warding off a handful of casual listeners, but those who click play and give it a shot are going to find it worth the risk.

The Chicago band’s debut EP runs five tracks and is advertised by the pop-driven guitarwork from Adam Cooper, but just as the artwork for this release doesn’t do it justice, neither does that description. Horn Rim Fury is anchored by frontwoman Catherine Cooper’s whispering vocal melodies that not only keeps you around past the first 30 seconds, but keep the record in your memory. The bright guitarwrok is vital and lays the framework for each track, but the vocals weave each one together.

The recording quality falls in line with the phoned-in cover art, and there’s a few bum notes hanging around that are sort of like a slap in the face at moments on the EP where you should be lost inside of it (“Jazzed Up!”). But overall, Insta seems one mighty hook away from a band that you’d remember for years. They’re not there yet, and you might find yourself coming back to Horn Rim Fury every once in a while but for now it’s mostly just something pleasing in the moment. Sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

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