WATCH: Courtney, Bloom, Bora Bora, Love in the Dark, Midijoyful @ DZ Winter Fest 2015

Bora Bora DZ Winter Fest

After premiering live videos from DZ Fest 2015 everyday this week, we’re excited to continue with live performances from DZ’s Winter Fest that took place in December.

The South Suburban collective hosts a showcase show every month, with another happening tonight, and their big two happen in July and December with DZ Fest and DZ Winter Fest.

Check out five live videos from this past year’s Winter Fest and check back with us for more tomorrow:

Courtney – “Kids in Blushing Love”

Bloom – “Be Mine”

Love in the Dark – “Soulless”

Bora Bora – “Beginning to See the Light (The Velvet Underground cover)”

Midijoyful – “Something New”

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