The Please & Thank Yous – Split

ghost track album reviewsPlease and Thank YousArtist: The Please and Thank Yous
Album: Split
Release: February 2, 2016
Our Take: “Buy It”

A lot of times, a band can sound so much like another that nothing else matters. Influences can sometimes overshadow what’s going on with the present and you can write off a record pretty easily when it doesn’t sound as good as what it reminds you of. The Please and Thank Yous don’t mess around on Split and slide perfectly into a comfortable niche of influence and touch all bases without overstaying their welcome.

The Please and Thank Yous frontman Geoff Schott’s presence on Split is the most memorable, spilling out relatable, yet personal lines over and over, while repeatedly hitting notes that would make any normal man’s jaw sore. Schott’s pleading yell to a taxi driver in “Ford Explorer” brings up memories of Jesse Lacey-like yelps in old Brand New records, while he taps into his best Rivers Cuomo impression on the closing track “I Swear It’s True.” The mimicking is charming and maybe even subconscious, but it works perfectly over the top of the four-piece band that bounces back from punk to emo throughout the record.

There’s moments where The Please and Thank Yous even start to sound like they’re straying away from their punk origins (“Sirens of Titan”), showing off a flexibility in song-writing that avoids any repetition, especially on a full-length LP, and keeps things interesting. But Schott’s vocal melodies continue to get better as the record goes on, climaxing – if anywhere – in “So Do I” where he stretches his voice to a point you’re sure it’ll crack, but never does. Instead, he lays out a perfectly-hit chorus that’s both emotional and as catchy as you could ask.

It might take more than one listen through to realize the quality of this record from start to finish, but there’s little doubt that after one listen through Split, the songs find their way into your head throughout the day and force you to come back for more.

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