Liqs – Nothing for Me

ghost track album reviewsthe liqsArtist: Liqs
Album: Nothing for Me
Release: January 6, 2016
Our Take: “Buy It”

With the recent resurgence of cassette tapes and the fact that it’s easier now more than ever to start your own record label, Chicago has become a hotbed for garage rock production. With this infatuation of a genre both rich in history, and known for its simple themes and traditional song structures comes an insatiable quest for truly fresh music. Liqs provide a great pit stop for this long journey with their recent EP Nothing for Me off of Jeffery Drag Records.

The two-song EP is forthright from the beginning, opening with the title track “Nothing for Me.” The song starts with an almost inaudible radio sample followed quickly with fast-paced drums under a simple guitar melody that stays close to the main chord progression. Though it may lack dynamics, the opening song is perfect for capturing an audience that’s ready to move around.

What sets this release apart from the typical garage sound that has been sweeping the city is the incorporation of psychedelic and indie rock. The second song “Heartless” demonstrates this by starting with a slow guitar riff, and subsequently ends with a moment of psychedelic bliss.

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