Taft – When Do We Rock?

ghost track album reviewsTaftArtist: Taft
Album: When Do We Rock?
Release: February 1, 2016
Our Take: “Stream It”

There’s not much to screw up in a three-song EP and Taft doesn’t manage to do much wrong in the 11 minutes they allot themselves on When Do We Rock?. The only problem is they don’t do much else in that time to make you want more.

The recording quality is fine and the songwriting is inoffensive at best and has a lot of ups and downs. The title track is a weak effort that is supposed to be your first impression, although you wouldn’t know so with the decision to make a “play first” option on bandcamp skip directly to “Stockholm” – the band’s best foot forward on the EP, which utilizes an emotionally electric chorus anchored by the guest vocal work of Izzy Olive. The track rules and keeps things interesting throughout, from the trudging opening riff to the fantastic chorus to the charmingly fitting claps that lead you out.

The most interesting portions of the EP come when Olive joins in to do some guest vocals, which happens pretty frequently in each of the three tracks on When Do We Rock?. With a three-piece band that uses more than three instruments at most given opportunities throughout the EP, you’re left asking, “Why isn’t she an official part of the band?” Olive’s harmony work is one of the only true bright spots on the small release, which makes you wonder where it would be without her guest appearance throughout.

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