Skinface – The New Season Pt. 1

ghost track album reviewsSkinface EPArtist: Skinface
Album: The New Season Pt. 1 (EP)
Release: January 27, 2016
Our Take: “Buy It”

Jumbling and often tripping over itself, Skinface’s The New Season Pt. 1 somehow all finds a way to land in place. The four-track EP is off-putting at first, with Alex Mann’s vocals waning in and out of seriousness, but still never out of key. The songwriting style is clear, despite the array of instruments and keys that spin around at the top of the surface, while Mann’s vocal performance¬†spits with reminiscence of The Dismemberment Plan and Pavement (“The Language”/”Decision Song”). Skinface puts you through a frantic exercise throughout the EP, straight from the sprinting start on “Headache.” Yet, even when he slows down, there’s still a tension in Mann’s delivery that lets you know it’s not over. And it isn’t over until the Twighlight Zone sample of Gladys Cooper’s fearful description of “Mr. Death” plays you out in the final track – almost as if Mann is celebrating the quickly passing, maniacal¬†EP he roped you into.

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