Lazy Legs – Lazy Legs EP

ghost track album reviewslazy legs EPArtist: Lazy Legs
Album: Lazy Legs EP
Release: January 26, 2016
Our Take: “Skip It”

When it comes to music, there’s a lot of things you can try and hide behind. Lazy Legs‘ self-titled debut EP proves the Chicago band might have the equipment necessary to make shoegaze, but might also lack the creative ability. Bassist Laura Wagner and Michael Tenzer’s vocals echo too literally throughout the release with an over-saturated influence of shoegaze bands that came before them, giving the tracks off the band’s debut too high of a bar to ever reach while simultaneously taking them down a peg by not making an effort to reach anywhere beyond their clearly targeted genre. In a basement, a track like “Lipstick Prick” – the band’s best foot forward on the Lazy Legs EP –  may do its job of blowing out a crowd with its sudden bursts of fuzz, but when the tracks are able to be played over again on a recording, it becomes abundantly clear there’s no melodic direction across the EP besides each song’s initial guitar or bass riff. The vocals never dare to go anywhere beyond “oohs and aahs” on the release, while the band never sniffs beyond the shoegaze boundary it cornered itself into from the start.

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