PREMIERE: Ocean Glass – “Anxiety”

ocean glassUrbana-based pop-punk band Ocean Glass is currently working on the release of an untitled EP that is due out by mid-March.

You can hear the first track (“Anxiety”) off that release here:

The EP is being recorded by drummer Luke Smith at his apartment on the campus at the University of Illinois, according to frontman Nishat Ahmed. “Anxiety” is the first completed song and gives an idea of what the rest of the release will sound like.

“A lot of people struggle with mental illness and often times it’s considered dramatic, or taboo, or whatever, for people to talk about it, and too many people feel like they’re alone in this struggle,” Ahmed said. “This song is us sharing the darker parts of our mental struggles; it’s our offering saying ‘Hey, look. We feel this too, you’re not the only one,’ and hopefully people can find some solace in that notion. This song is our stance in saying how important it is to be having a conversation about these kinds of things.”

The band has shows being scheduled at the Canopy Club in Urbana, but nothing official set. You can check the band’s Facebook page to stay updated.

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