STREAM: Square Donuts – Put the Jam On EP

Urbana-based band Square Donuts is releasing its second EP Put the Jam On later today, but you can stream the recording via Ghost Track here:

The four-piece band draws a lot of jazz influence, while frontwoman Maddy Marsan’s voice captures your attention and allows the backing music to sneak in from behind.

The four-track EP is the band’s first as a four-piece. Marsan and keyboardist Vance Bollinger originally started as a duo before adding Dennis Sykes Jr. on bass and James Sims on drums over the past few months to add on more funk and jazz elements to the songwriting.

“It was amazing to feel these songs morph and expand as we added James and Dennis,” Marsan said. “They became completely new tracks. ‘Minutes in an Hour’ was originally a simple arpeggiated track – that sounds a bit like Zelda – and transformed into a spacey bossa nova. The ‘Bohemian Song’ had a funky piano part with somewhat spastic vocals which turned into a funky, Latin track with heavy drums.”

Square Donuts will celebrate the release of Put the Jam On at Pizza M in Urbana, Ill. on January 23 with Nick and the Nailed Its. The band will also be playing with Champaign rock ‘n’ roll group The Inn Keepers at Mike N Molly’s in downtown Champaign, Ill. on February 12.

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