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Nectar frontwoman Kamila Glowacki, drummer Jake Mott, and guitarist Aaron Shults caught up with me on their weekend tour in Chicago to recount their tour adventures, which included lots of good food and fun pit stops on their way to shows. Ghost Track editor Sean Neumann also plays guitar in Nectar. What follows is a transcribed account of their time on tour.

Ghost Track: I want a play-by-play of this tour.

Aaron Schults: First we picked up shirts in Springfield, Ill. Couldn’t find them.

Kamila Glowacki: We went to Springfield to pick up the shirts at Miles.com printing. It was really cool, but they couldn’t find the shirts. Eventually, they found them in a box that said Nectar (laughs). So we opened the box and the shirts looked great! We also got a free napkin with the print on it; then we went to St. Louis and we ate at this great place called Little Dipper. It’s so small that its address is a half. It’s very small and very narrow. You feel like you’re in Harry Potter’s room under the staircase. Then we went to our show at The Livery, which is a bar. We had played there before, but they recently moved just down the street. Our friend John Bergner set it up for us and he is the goofiest person ever. He and Jake were making so many jokes and he brought Oreos to the show.

Jake Mott: We were doing Oreo tricks with them. I had it roll down my arm and into my mouth.

GT: Nobody got this on camera?

Jake Mott: It hit my tooth. Gave me a bit of a fat lip.

Kamila Glowacki: The first band that played was from St. Louis named Dracula and the lead singer dressed up as Dracula. The second band I can’t remember their name dance baby dance or something. I didn’t really catch much of them. We played third, but to be honest, I felt very claustrophobic in the space. I felt like I couldn’t really hear my vocals. Then that night we decided to drive back to Springfield since our show Saturday was in Galesburg. Earth Witch had played a show there that night so we got in and woke them up.

The next morning we got up and had a great start to the day by getting some Mel-o-Cream donuts. Then we went to Scheels in Springfield. Should we retell everything about Scheels?

Ghost Track: Yeah!

Aaron Shults: We went straight to the Ferris wheel.

Ghost Track: Had you been there before?

Aaron Shults: Yes, we’re regulars. We have season passes.

Jake Mott: No, I hadn’t and Sean had never been there before.

Kamila Glowacki: I’d never seen Sean so happy. He loved it there! Aaron also, forgot that he’s scared of heights.

Aaron Shults: I remembered on the Ferris wheel. Once we were on there I was holding the bar yelling over at Santa for help.

Kamila Glowacki: That was so funny, he was yelling, “Santa, please get your reindeer!”

Aaron Shults: Before that I just kept yelling, “Santa, Santa, look up!” and he didn’t. I don’t know if I’m on the naughty list or what.

Kamila Glowacki: After the Ferris wheel we went upstairs to go bowling. We started bowling but then Aaron broke it.

Aaron Shults: On the record, I hit a strike too hard. Way too hard. The pins exploded and the person had to come over and give us some free games.

Kamila Glowacki: He was great! He made us like Shields even more and was trying to joke around with us. We played on teams. It was Sean and I vs. Aaron and Jake. Aaron and Jake lost.

Aaron Shults: They won. They deserved it.

Jake Mott: They won, but I’m not going to say they deserved it.

Aaron Shults: Then we found the sports simulator.

Kamila Glowacki: In between all this it’s sprinkled with us looking at toys and bouncy balls.

Aaron Shults: and camo guns and camo underwear.

Kamila Glowacki: Oh my god! They had like sexy camo lingerie.

Aaron Shults: The sexy camo line.

Kamila Glowacki: So weird!

Aaron Shults: I liked it.

Kamila Glowacki: There were all these literal photo ops we took pictures with too. There was also this fudge shop.

Aaron Shults: Basically heaven on Earth.

Kamila Glowacki: After that we went to Head West, which has the best sandwiches! Then we hit the road and went to Peoria. We went to the boat, Sean had never been. Then we went to the Springdale cemetery in Peoria.

Aaron Shults: We also went to the pet cemetery and saw the lions that were buried there.

Jake Mott: Then we headed to Galesburg and went to this basically abandoned mall.

Aaron Shults: Half of it was run down.

Ghost Track: Why did you go there?

Aaron Shults: I went there once in high school and remembered they had an awesome arcade so I thought we should go. There’s no arcade there anymore.

Kamila Glowacki: It kind of had a certain charm to it. Afterwards, we went to this pizza place downtown called Baked and headed to the show which was at a barbershop called Glory Days. It was a really cool space! My coworker came, which was really nice and our friend Kyle Hall opened for us. He was really great! All of his songs are self-described as jingles. It was really charming! It might be my favorite show we’ve played though actually it might be the podcast. Those are definitely my top two shows of Nectar.

This morning we got coffee and danishes. We then went and did the DZ sessions. I feel so lucky to have done these really awesome recordings and videos for free. They’re all new songs and I’m really happy that we were able to do that. We don’t have any plans as of right now for releasing the audio, but needed to do a tour since we’ve only played in Champaign. I also feel that we’re touring off of the 7” that we put out with Single Player.

The new songs are my favorite. I feel like you can see a lot of growth in them compared to the older songs. Working with La Louvre has helped me with writing and the two guitars have added a lot to the sound. Songwriting takes a long time for me and I really want to flush the songs out. I feel so lucky to have such great musicians in my band who are able to help me create the sound I’m looking for.

You can hear the new Nectar songs on the latest episode of DZ Sessions here.

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