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colonel colinChicago singer-songwriter Colin Mosely, who plays under the name Colonel, recently released his second full-length record in October. The album, Summer Bummer, was self-released by Mosely through bandcamp and on vinyl. We quickly caught up with the singer-songwriter to find out a few more details on his latest release, which can be hear below.

Ghost Track: How long did it take to record the record?

Colin Mosely: It took a little over six months to record the entire record. The whole process has been about two years in the making. That’s counting everything from writing to the mastering of the album.

Ghost Track: Did you put the album out on vinyl yourself? How many copies did you make?

Colin Mosely: Yes, I put the album out on vinyl myself. After spending so much time writing and recording it, I felt that is was something that I wanted to do. I really wanted to represent the album in the best possible way I thought it could be done. Whoever out there decides that the album means something to them deserves to hear it on vinyl. When writing these songs, I wasn’t trying to make the most popular song or the best song to head bang to, I was really trying to create a mood with the album that represented the state of mind I’ve felt for the past five years. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think it takes a different kind of listener to really get into and enjoy this album. I thought that sort of audience would like the chance to hear it on vinyl. Two-hundred fifty copies are being made.

Ghost Track: I noticed one song is a “1975” remix, is that a remix of the song you previously released? If so, why did you want to revamp it and release it again?

Colin Mosely: The third track on the album is definitely a remix of a previously released track “1975.” The original version of that song always felt like my one hit wonder – it seemed to be a lot of people’s favorite. Personally for me, the narrative for that song had changed but I still wanted to include it on the album.¬†I understood why people enjoyed that song and I wanted to enjoy it too, so I revamped it. It ended up fitting way better with the entire scheme of the album.

You can order Summer Bummer online here.


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