DZ Sessions to Join the Ghost Track Family

DZ SessionsWe’re extremely excited to announce the addition of DZ Sessions to the Ghost Track family.

The Hickory Hills-based Friends with Music collective has been crucial in the continuation of the suburban Chicago music scene over the past few years with their annual DZ Fest, the Friends with Music Podcast, and most importantly, through DZ Sessions that have featured a variety of local bands and touring bands from across the country.

Ghost Track is extremely proud to announce the collaboration with such a dedicated group that shares the same ideals when it comes to providing coverage for the DIY music scene.

“The DZ Sessions have grown into something I’ve only dreamed of,” creative director Ben Arguelles said. “I can’t truly put words into describing them. I love capturing the true expression of performance and giving it to the world to see. I also enjoy helping out any musician in any way. Doing these videos make that a possibility. It’s also so much fun working with everyone and meeting new people every week – hearing their stories and getting to know them. It’s been a journey working with my friends on this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

The DZ crew also extends beyond Arguelles, as well. The main filming crew is made up of Steven Edwards, Karolina Walkosz, and Charlie Lunsford, while Mikayla Price, Kasia Gierczynska, Brendan Egan, Ela Mulica, and Mike Giannoni offer their help in filming as well. Matt Bauer assists in booking and filming, and Andrew Medina is the main editor for DZ Sessions and, like the others, occasionally helps film as well.

DZ has filmed over 80 bands in the series, releasing videos once or twice per week. We’re excited and proud to now say we’ll be able to continue sharing each session as DZ continues to grow.

You can view every DZ Session previously released here.

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