Space Waste – Moon Dude EP

ghost track album reviewsSpace WasteArtist: Space Waste
Album: Moon Dude EP
Release: November 11, 2015
Our Take: “Stream It”

Chicago-based garage rock band Space Waste have dropped their newest EP Moon Dude through Tripp Tape records. This EP is filled with big blues-y riffs drenched in fuzz that wouldn’t sound out of place on a record from Ty Segall or Jay Retard. Space Waste also employs echo effects on the vocals giving them a distant feeling. The songwriting mostly revolves around drugs and apathy, which pairs well with the slacker-rock niche the band plays. Although the reverb and incredibly low-fi production could have you think otherwise, the guitars are tight and the solos Space Waste play land themselves at appropriate times.

These guys clearly have a strong influence from Ty Segall. Most of this EP sounds like a collection of his B-sides, but the last two tracks are where Space Waste distinguishes themselves. “Lies/Green Dream” is a well-written song featuring a catchy riff and a slow degradation into a repetitive shoegaze-like fade out that sounds like it could be off a Windy & Carl record with the listener just hanging in the balance of this ethereal landscape. “Space Ghost (Coasting)” is a bit of a slow burner for the band that close out the album nicely. The guitars on this track fade back and forth between solos and creating a wall of noise and texture.

This is a really sold release from Space Waste that shows glimpses of a band that can really write some great songs. The EP is absolutely worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of fuzzy garage rock. Keep your eyes out for cassettes to be available shortly, but for now give these guys a stream and slump around for a while.

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