Feel Matters – No Fun

ghost track album reviewsa3819534348_10Artist: Feel Matters
Album: No Fun
Release: October 13, 2015
Our Take: “Stream it”

The rise of social media and music sharing websites such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud have forever changed the music industry. Today, it is much easier for independent artists to reach an audience that they otherwise wouldn’t have. More importantly, this means that the Internet can be used as a vein for undiscovered music for music enthusiasts. And with the monumental successes of DIY records such as Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, it is worth paying attention to some of these golden nuggets.

One worth paying attention to is Feel Matters’ No Fun, a collection of songs that are “mostly unfinished and the least bit cohesive” according to their Bandcamp page. These songs work together to create the exemplary bedroom album. The act from Grand Rapids also stated about their songs that they were “not really sure what to do with them so now they’re on [the internet].” Well, we are glad they made it there.

No Fun has all of the characteristics of Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 1-4; Feel Matters sound like a combination of Bradford Cox and a fuzzier Mac Demarco. This sound is evident on tracks such as “Forgetful,” “Whatever Brain,” and “Mess This Place Up.”

And much like the aforementioned catalogue, this work contains a handful of electronic, ambient filler tracks. The album starts with a brief intro of these noisy interludes that sound like circuit bending. Meanwhile, “Trying to Sleep” lives up to its name by laying the ambient sounds with inaudible talking to make it resemble a cluttered mind trying to rest.

Though, the very thing that gives this album its charm is the very thing that will limit it to its “golden nugget” status. No Fun will never be a “must listen” like For Emma, Forever Ago, and no one in Feel Matters have had the prior success as Cox did in Deerhunter before he released the Bedroom Databank volumes. However, though this album may have too much filler for everyone, “Head Out the Window” alone makes this album worth listening to.

So take the time out of your day to check out this innocent work. Or, search the Internet for something closer to your tastes. Point is, this is the best time to be alive for musicians and music lovers, and taking the time to search the music veins of the Internet yields amazing, pure works.

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