Colonel – Summer Bummer

ghost track album reviewscolonel summer bummerArtist: Colonel
Album: Summer Bummer
Release: October 1, 2015
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Colin Mosely’s project Colonel has been around the Chicagoland and Champaign-Urbana areas for a few years now, and continues to release lengthy, well-thought-out tapes. His latest, Summer Bummer, continues the songwriting themes he’s relayed throughout his discography, yet this one takes a darker turn in tone. Mosely, an artist outside of his work with music, undoubtedly has this planned. The black and white artwork, mixed with the slowed and reverb-driven vocals gives this release a spectral feel as the singer-songwriter croons in-and-out of the background as his storytelling lyricism floats in the front (“Carney”). Mosely’s record is intelligent, but its weakness may be in that it expects its audience to be just as smart and patient as the artist is throughout the tape. An acoustic release lasting over 30 minutes without extraordinarily standout hooks can lead to many people to skip out before the final track ends, but if you’re there until that point, you’ll surely walk out believing it was worth it.

While Summer Bummer may pose a challenge to get through in one listen, it’s worth noting the detail Mosely places into his live show. As an artist in every sense of the word, the singer-songwriter seems well-aware of adding depth to every piece of his work. Colonel’s live show keeps your attention and emotion on edge, as Mosely loops in-and-out of melodies with himself as projections play on a screen behind him, completing the nostalgic element Colonel’s songwriting begins to touch upon.

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