From the Heart, Not the Head

The band began almost by accident when the members were randomly brought together to perform at a house party. About half an hour into their set, Church Booty knew they meshed so well they had to stay together.

“We’re all students of music and we take it seriously, but at the same time we’re just trying to have a good time and get people to dance,” said Dan Hinze, the saxophone player for Church Booty.

As for the band’s name, it came up randomly and stuck. Now it has come to represent the spirit of the band: a mixture of something serious and fun.

“We aren’t exactly a gospel band but it fits in its own funny way,” Hinze said.

Church Booty is made up of 10 musicians, all with diverse musical backgrounds and abilities. The band describes itself as a mixture of R&B, soul, funk, rock and jazz. However, their most proper description might be a band “with catchy melodies and grooves that can’t help but be danced to.”

Their debut album, Turn the Other Cheek, is a nine-track record that encompasses the wide range of sounds that have come to characterize the band.

“We are really happy with how it turned out,” Hinze said. “It really shows our growth as a band and our wide range.”

Their first EP was recorded because the band needed evidence they could record original music. The EP was recorded and mixed in less than a week, but their new album received more care and attention.

“This time it was a more meticulous process,” Hinze said. “We knew what we were recording, we knew how to do it and I think everybody is excited with the results.”

Hinze said the band has figured out how to blend their influences to create songs that highlight all their abilities.

“A lot of artists in this generation struggle to make something new because there is so much of everything out there,” Hinze said. “We focus less on trying to make something that’s different and instead we focus on combining our influences to make something that says what we are trying to say in the most authentic way possible. If it doesn’t feel forced, then that’s authentic. It has to come from the heart, not the head.”

And according to Hinze, the new album accomplishes just that.

“Before, we just had an EP,” Hinze said. “Now, we have an album that we want to throw in your face because we are really excited to share it.”

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