REVIEW: Pygmalion Day Five

PygmalionRide, Sylvan Esso, and Caspian headlined the final night of the Pygmalion Music Festival, but what was most blaring was what wasn’t there.

We noted last night the festival’s attendance seemed to have dropped off from in years past, but Sunday night’s crowd was even more sparse. The crowd was at its largest for Sylvan Esso’s set around 7 p.m., but as many at the festival noted, there was a mass exodus after the two-piece electronic act’s set came to a close. Only about 250-300 people hung around to watch Ride’s headlining set Sunday night, as the crowd filled less than half the festival space between the outdoor HighDive stages. Around 3 p.m., Aero Flynn took the stage and played to about 20-30 people. While it was Sunday afternoon and there’s no way to reasonably expect a large crowd, even the midday audience seemed lacking and bands noticed. When Aero Flynn took the stage, they seemed to shoot each other looks before bassist Adam Hurlburt laughed, “Hey, nice scene.”

But the scene did prove nice, despite the lack of midday representation on the lineup – perhaps some of the reason the crowd was limited. Grandkids and Elsinore filled up the HighDive easily after Ride finished off their set outside. The stragglers caught an intimate Bookmobile! set down the street at Mike N Molly’s, which ended in slight frustration as the band had to plead with festival staff to play one final song. Finally, frontman Trevor Dowdy continued to play regardless and the rest of the band then joined in to properly finished off the sloppy punk set.

The final Pygmalion shows went until 2 a.m. on Monday morning. In addition to that, there were multiple shows from 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., causing an even further split in the already tiny crowd that was left over after Ride. The multiple show format worked perfectly for Saturday night, giving the late-night crowds options but the Saturday night feel doesn’t work on Sundays and it was apparent at Mike N Molly’s where the beer garden venue was far less than half filled. The five-day format isn’t too long, but the late Sunday schedule seemed more draining than entertaining as the night wore on.

All in all, it was another fun year at Pygmalion, especially for us here at Ghost Track. If you’d like to check out our full coverage of the 2015 Pygmalion Festival, see below for photos, video, and day-by-day reviews:

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And here’s photos from Day Five:

Click here for more photos from Motes’ set.
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Aero Flynn
Click here for more photos from Aero Flynn’s set.
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Click here for more photos from Resinater’s set.
Resinater (2)

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Sylvan Esso
Click here for more photos from Sylvan Esso’s set.

Click here for more photos from Ride’s set.

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Click here for more photos from Elsinore’s set.


Click here for more photos from Pujol’s set.
Pujol (4)

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