Emily Otnes Announces Solo Album, Streams First Single “Shiraz”

Emily Otnes album coverWe’re happy to share the first single off Champaign-Urbana singer-songwriter Emily Otnes’ upcoming full-length release, Heartlines.

Listen to the track here:

The Tara Terra and Boycut frontwoman is making a return to her solo work under her own name after forming the Urbana-based band in an effort to stray away from being known as a solo artist. Heartlines is expected to be released later this year, in November or December, according to Otnes.

“I decided to do a solo record, because I write so many songs that don’t fit into either particular group, but speak so clearly of my experiences as an individual,” Otnes said. “I wanted to make something that I could be proud of and express feelings that are a little more intimate and personal. The album is really about relationships – relationships with friends, lovers, myself, and my surroundings. I hope people can relate to the many types of interactions in the record.”

Otnes said the tracks on Heartlines don’t fall under the umbrella of Tara Terra, as the band’s songwriting is beginning to become less personal to specifically her as a songwriter.

“The songs on the upcoming¬†(Tara Terra) record are experiences created through the sounds with lyrics that tell non-personal stories,” Otnes said. “On my solo record, some of the lyrics have to do with something as intimate as my own sexuality, namely “Shiraz.”¬†I wanted to make a triumphant ‘I’m not quite straight’ dance song that would make others inspired to dance and celebrate who they are, regardless of how anyone labels or sees them.”

The record is expected to have eight-to-10 tracks. Heartlines also includes instrumentation by Joe Meland, who makes up the other half of Boycut with Otnes, and Feral States’ Justin Peters.

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