REVIEW: Pygmalion Day Two

pygmalionDay Two of Pygmalion was a highlight of festival expansion. The three hosting venues for Thursday night’s shows had previously been unused by the festival in its decade existence, but not only is this year expanding in festival components with the Tech addition, but in its choice of venues as well.

There was a lot of full-filled expectations Thursday night. We were prepared to enjoy a quiet, slightly humorous Owen set and that’s what we got.┬áThere was the assumption heading into the fest that Kenna Mae would be far more impressive than we could have predicted, and with her voice shaking somewhere on the line between mental breakdown and emotional tipping point while she kept herself structurally grasped with a country-touch of chord structure, that’s exactly what she did.

The Fights continued to solidify themselves as not only the best country band in the Central Illinois area, but one of the best bands in general. Ryley Walker utilized extended, extended transitions between songs that filled the dead space within the set but also toed the line into impatience, keeping the crowd waiting for some sort of change in melody – or simply waiting for a melody to sneak out from the fog of folk ambiance.

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers dealt with a lot of misplaced crowd perceptions heading into their set, but Ghost Track editor Joe Plukarski called them the most underrated act of Pygmalion so far, receiving a roaring ovation from the crowd as they finished a thunderous set that saw the Iron Post gradually draw near to its 110 person capacity by the end.

Thursday night headliners Bully were straight to the point, transitioning song-to-song as they ripped through their set quickly and effectively. The Nashville natives turned an excited, yet timid crowd into a moving mass by the end of the night. The crowd began to finally move around when the band reached their final two songs, calling for them to play an encore – an uncommon occurrence this early on in the festival. There was little to complain about on Day Two at Pygmalion, and Bully solidified the night by keeping the crowd around despite the complaints of exhaustion during the weeknight festivities.

Photos from Day Two:

Kenna Mae


The Fights

Ryley Walker

Whitey Morgan

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers


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