Q&A with Take Care

Take CareChampaign-based band Take Care recently reunited after a lengthy hiatus, taking time apart to focus on families and other aspects of their lives that took priority over the project. Now all grown up and back together, the band is gearing up for the release of a new full-length album while filling up live dates, including this Saturday night at Pygmalion when they play at Memphis on Main in downtown Champaign. We caught up with frontman Mark Wyman to discuss the band’s evolution and their excitement to be back.

Ghost Track: You guys hadn’t played live in about a year and a half before the comeback show in August, why did you guys initially take a break from Take Care?

Mark Wyman: A bunch of grown up life stuff. Kyle has a toddler, and I’ve been planning a wedding. Sometimes things have to go on the back burner. Kyle, Luke, and I have been playing in bands together for damn near 20 years, and we have learned most of what we know about being in bands together. So when this stuff comes up, it’s not like, “Time to find a replacement!” We support each other and wait it out. We also have other projects to help fill the gaps.

Ghost Track: What kind of difficulties have you guys faced playing music while also having to maintain jobs and families outside of the band?

Mark Wyman: It totally is about family and jobs. One thing we go back and forth on is how to release our album, because of money. Our songs are long so if we want vinyl it has to be a double LP – that costs like eight trillion dollars. And since having a toddler and getting married both cost nine trillion dollars, we have to find middle ground.

Ghost Track: Has Take Care always been a relaxed band? Looking back, it seems you guys weren’t playing every weekend or anything back in 2013 and before, has Take Care been more pure enjoyment/hobby than working toward gaining recognition beyond Champaign-Urbana?

Mark Wyman: We used to do work. (We played) at least a weekend a month out regionally, based on poker room casino locations. Two weeks out with Community College for our split 12″, we did like five days with Common Loon a few years back. I think what we enjoy the most is recording, so we have a couple songs recorded that we have never played live, and probably never will. We will hit the road again when it’s feasible, and makes sense.

Ghost Track: Why are you guys reforming and returning now?

Mark Wyman: Basically, because we can. I think our brotherhood is a little stronger than in the past. Practicing is work, but it’s fun again. Tim Kinsella made a great quote about how it’s just time to check in with each other and see what we are up to musically. It’s totally like that.

Ghost Track: What kinds of things have changed within the band or with the band dynamic since the last time you guys played together?

Mark Wyman: We added our buddy Brandon (Beachum) from Marathon full-time. Between him, Nick, and Kyle, we can cover most bases we are ever going for.¬†We don’t ever pigeon hole ourselves with a genre. We know where we fit in, but we constantly get in bickering matches about pop music about if it sucks or if it’s awesome. But that just shows what we are listening to in our off time, and it might be discreet, but all of that stuff comes out when we play, so why limit our outlet to one sound?

Ghost Track: How did the new record come about? Did you set off to write a new full-length for Take Care or did you just soon realize that you had enough songs for a full-length?

Mark Wyman: The album came about because we had enough material. We started recording knowing that it was going to happen over an extended period of time. We didn’t plan for it to take this long of course, but it’s more important that we are patient with each other and allow it all to come very naturally.

Ghost Track: What’s the title and expected release date for the new record?

Mark Wyman: It has taken the life of this band to start and finish this album. It has no art work or name, but we are just happy to have it wrapped at this point. The release date is unknown.


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