Endolphins – Demo(ns)

ghost track album reviewsa1180623730_10Artist: Endolphins
Album: Demo(ns)
Release: August 27, 2015
Our Take: “Stream it”

Chicago duo Endolphins released a four song EP Thursday before going on tour. The two piece features Daniel Payne on guitar and Alex Strong on drums. Originally from Iowa city, Endolphins sing about life outside of the big city, and enjoying the simple (and sometimes destructive) pleasures of life.

Demo(ns) predominant quality is the anecdotal, yet literary lyrical style. The EP even opens with a brief moment of lone vocals before rolling drums and a twinkly guitar riff come in on “Matches.” Nonetheless, the instrumentals are unique enough to make it worth listening to. The spastic, yet simple drums allow the constantly riffing guitar to stand out.

Even Payne’s voice adds a bit of uniqueness. The guitar riffs remind you of something like Algernon Cadwallader or Cap’n Jazz while the vocals sound nothing of the sort. Instead of high-pitched yelling, Payne’s baritone voice reminds you of a more traditional vocal style. Strong also adds catchy, even poppy background vocals throughout the EP.

Each of the four songs tells a different story. However, if you are passively listening to this EP, some of the instrumentals may start to get repetitive. This is most apparent on the second song, “83 Mercedes.” The song is eight minutes long and details one man’s thoughts about his car. Though the guitar is intricate, the parts repeat for measures at a time, and the song often returns to the same parts. However, just like any good folk song, the lyrics are supposed to be the focal point of the song, and they hold up their end of the bargain.

The music on this EP is both simple and complex. Instead of highlighting the guitar and drums, Endolphins take a more folk approach to making emo/mathy songs. Because of this, Endolphins sound is truly distinctive, which makes “Demo(ns)” worth streaming.

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