VIDEO PREMIERE : we speak in colors – “black bears”

11745916_654047784731364_8741462522133858100_nWe speak in colors is the brainchild of Andrew Armstrong, a musician from Nashville. Armstrong spent the summer touring the country playing acoustic versions of his songs. Back in June, he played the Ghost Track Featured show at The Mutiny with The Normal Years, Sean Eldon & The Couple-Too-Tree, and Sinai Vessel. The day before the show Armstrong joined us on the 9th episode of the Ghost Track Podcast to play his unrecorded single “i could care less” live in studio.

Armstrong recently released a video for another single, “black bears,” that he released days prior to the show in Chicago. The video, done by Alaina Latona, features footage of a woman swimming, filtered through an array of colors. “[The video] doesn’t have a storyline; I didn’t want it too,” Armstrong told Ghost Track. “Just color and movement for the [visual appeal].”

Armstrong’s love of traveling has brought him to Abu Dhabi, where he will spend the next few years immersing himself in a whole new culture half a world away.

We sincerely wish him the best of luck, and you can too by checking out his video below:

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