Pisces at The Animal Fair Announces Break Up, Plan to Release Farewell Album

Pisces at the Animal FairChicago math rock group Pisces at The Animal Fair announced the end of the band earlier today.

“Due to several reasons ranging from life changes to interest in composing different styles of music, Hersh, Nnamdi, Easton and I have decided that Pisces at the Animal Fair will no longer be a band,” founding member Donnie Sujack wrote in the announcement via Facebook.

Sujack founded the band with Hersh Chabra nearly a decade ago.

The band said they plan to release their latest album on Bandcamp sometime soon. Their final album was exclusively released on their last tour through Canada.

There is a possibility of a farewell show, Sujack said.

Listen to Temple Said No-Brainer here:

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