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Growing up, Colin Mosely shared a passion for both art and music. As he began to further delve into music and creating a career for himself under the name Colonel, Mosely similarly did so with his art. However, being a one-man band ostensibly proved difficult, which led to the singer-songwriter’s conscious decision to combine the two, making for a more interesting and visually stimulating live performance.

“Because I am not a full band and can’t display the same energy that some of these other bands have, I felt like I wanted something else to hold peoples attention and help them sort of get lost in the music,” the Chicago-based musician said.

The art implemented in Colonel’s shows range from personal artwork to clips from past trips and tours to collaborations with other artists. On most occasions, his shows contain constantly changing visuals which are usually done by either himself, or most commonly, by a friend who helps him at live shows.

Mosely’s artwork is complimented by his pleasant melodies and folk-inspired music. When first experiencing his music, it may seem to be primarily emotionally motivated, but Mosely said that’s not always the case with his lyrics.

“My songs are never about one thing,” Mosely said. “It’s always about different things in my life that relate to each other in a way that makes sense to me. There is always some sort of narrative there, but it’s more loose.”

Currently, the artist and musician has released a few EPs, cassettes, and a digital album which can be found on his website. Colonel states that the material presented on his website is a bit older, dating back to his college graduation over two years ago. While the singer-songwriter’s greatly appreciative of those who take the time to listen to his released material, Mosley said he’s more eager for people to hear new music he’s been intently working on for the past couple years, which will come out around October – the same time as his upcoming tour.

“If people listen to my old stuff that is great,” Mosely said. “But I’ve got so much more – better – new material that I would rather people hear, which is why I’m hoping to get this new album out soon.”

Colonel will be performing this Sunday at Mike N Molly’s in downtown Champaign with Finer Feelings and We are the Willows. The show starts at 7 p.m. and costs $7.

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