Flashback Review: Pontow – Pontow

ghost track album reviewsPontowArtist: Pontow
Album: Pontow
Release: June 16, 2008
Our Take: “Buy It”

Pontow is as cute as cotton candy in a dream. It’s fancy, it’s sweet, and it’s colorful. It doesn’t drag your hidden, sentimental mood out, and it doesn’t wake your sleeping, ecstatic spirit. It’s not excitement, but relaxation that keeps you from hitting “pause,” because almost immediately, the soothing tone fluffs up the softest pillow. The album creates such a cozy moment that it releases all the stress out of your mind.

Pontow (band name for singer-songwriter Kyle Lang, who later went on to make music under the name “Easter“) recorded the songs to a handheld four-track when he was 15 years old. The album is not what people are usually searching for. It’s neither decorated with gorgeous wrapping paper or shimmering in production value, but if you happen across it, it’s a lovely and nostalgic journey to listen to.

Pontow makes you believe there’re souls inside of songs. “Insects” starts with a simple bass line and then follows with a stable and peaceful drum/acoustic guitar accompaniment. The frictional sounds of fingers sliding across the strings between notes are a little bit sharp, but restrain from being annoying. They’re like drops of water: clean and natural.

Obviously, it’s not an album made up of deluxe materials, but it sings with creativity and flaunts Lang’s passion, emotion, and thoughts. Discussing the singer-songwriter’s vocals may be redundant because it’s so special that everyone listening to the record immediately feels their weight. The vocals (both in melody and meaning) themselves are the pieces of instrumentation behind Lang’s songwriting that are strictly unique to the musician. Especially in Pontow’s “Little Tikes.” Lang’s soft voice comes out with the silvery tone of music box, almost like a fairy tale.

The album’s length is only around 16 minutes, and it remains lucrative throughout. Though the music lasts just a cup of tea’s time, the joy and relaxation that steams from it runs through your sense and seemingly reaches every cell in your body.

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