Orator – III

ghost track album reviewsOrator III

Artist: Orator
Album: III
Release: June 20, 2015
Our Take: “Buy It”

Orator’s biggest accomplishment with their latest release III may be the doors they’ve opened up for themselves, both in sound and creativity.

The Champaign-Urbana metal band is nearly two years old and with their third demo release they seem their strongest. This is the third “demo” in preparation for a full-length concept album to be released at a later date, according to frontman Tyler Day. On III, Orator creates an atmosphere that other metal bands around the Central Illinois area fail to seek out and master. The album’s sound has a standout depth, which is assisted heavily by the guitars’ tone and reverb, but perfected by the songwriting’s layering and complexity.

Orator also finds a way to follow metal tropes while still remaining fresh with III. In their song titles, they opt for the traditional unnamed numbering system but do so with dashes instead of the typical Roman numerals commonly seen across the genre. While this isn’t an enormous leap into independence, it shows the band’s effort to distance themselves from being just another band in the herd.

The guitar riffs are huge elevators on this release, both in their drive and mix. In the second track (“—– —-”), the riff carries the song through and then hits a nice layering of high tremolo in the right ear that continues to add another layer of depth into the release – a depth which could have easily, and lazily, been tossed aside but wasn’t neglected. And there lies the difference here with Orator’s III. It’s intelligently written, as opposed to just another metal record tossed together for the sake of being loud.

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