Flashback Review: Plastic Thomas & the Papaya/St Pauls Voltage Parade – Together Apart

ghost track album reviewsplastic thomasArtist: Plastic Thomas & the Papaya / St Pauls Voltage Parade
Album: Together Apart
Release: March 01, 2012
Our Take: “Buy it”

The Champaign-Urbana music scene has always grown rapidly. Because we’re still often caught off guard by its fast pace, we lose track of beautiful gems in a hurry. However, it’s never too late to dig those shining pieces out from the Earth. Their luster and preciousness never fade with time.

Together Apart was released more than three years ago, but it didn’t receive so much exposure as you might assume taking a listen back on it now. The whole album is dipped deep into a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Jumping from new-age to folk, from rock to electronic, the diverse genres in the album surprise the listeners around every bend. Here’s a little story hidden behind the album’s creation: the two artists, Plastic Thomas & the Papaya and St Pauls Voltage Parade started their collaboration of this album from a set of lyrics. They worked separately to produce each other’s songs based on the lyrics. Their knowing nothing about the other’s products until the end of recordings contributed to the free spirit and creativity that charms on Together Apart.

To set off on its adventure, the first track “The Forest” is the best choice. It starts with a perfectly inspiring mixture of psychedelic chill-out and new-age music. The richly textured track builds an impressive image of nature without vocals. Although “The Forest” lacks a complementing decline and a strong beat, it brings the audience to a beautifully sublime nature by its full dynamic and promptly catchy melodies. Based on a dreamlike synth, but with the addition of male vocal and just-right electronic guitar showing up near the end of this track, a taste of “Something You Should Understand” could satisfy your yearning for more after “The Forest.”

The contrasts appear naughtily among the tracks because of the unique creative process behind the album; however, the differences between two artists’ styles don’t even break the balance or harmony of Together Apart. It’s all about the creativity from apart artists melting together.

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