Chicago’s Tinkerbelles Set Out For World-Record Tour

You may not have heard the name Tinkerbelles yet, but it’s starting to spread.

Starting Friday, the Chicago-based post punk band is setting out on a 10-day, 40-show tour, hoping to land themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records. They may not have the same clout surrounding other live show publicity stunts like the White Stripes’ famous “one note” show, but Tinkerbelles is aiming to be in good company. The band will play in seven different states throughout the 10-day tour, including 19 sets across Illinois. You can find a list of the band’s touring dates below. We caught up with Adam Mohundro and Christian Dawon of Tinkerbelles to figure out how and why this tour came about.

Ghost Track: When did you guys first get together?

Adam Mohundro: We started playing together in like 2011 in a band called Gypsy Blood. Christian jumped on drums when our drummer moved on to bass, and that band was on Sergeant House. That sort of disbanded and we kept writing songs. Pretty much just the two of us were eventually the only ones that came to practice, so it was like “Well, fuck it. We’ll just start a new band,” and that’s essentially what this became. I think it’s definitely a lot harder and a little more in your face, and all that fun stuff.

Christian Dawson: Yeah, it’s much more of a challenge to fill out all of the sound with just two people. But yeah, it’s a great thing.

GT: So what made you guys decide to try and set the world record for number of shows played in the shortest tour?

Christian: It all started with a terrible music video idea, right Adam?

Adam: Yeah, a friend of ours, who I love super fucking dearly, was like, “You guys we should do a video. Like one with uh, you know, you guys are punching through walls and just that.” One of our songs is called 40 Walls, and so he was like, “You guys will just punch through 40 of them and then that’ll be the music video.” It was very literal. He’s a super fucking sweetheart and you know we were just like, “Well, I don’t know about that.” Then he’s like, “You guys should just do 40 shows.” Then I think I said like 30 shows or something like that, and then he was like, “Well, why don’t you do 40 like the song.” Then Christian you know, had the bright idea of talking to Guinness and seeing, or actually looking up, if there was any record to that extent.

Christian: And yeah, there was not. As far as like a week-long stretch goes or like seven days-plus goes, there is no record for number of shows. I contacted them and we’ve just been haggling back and forth on all the nitty-gritty details.

Adam: Yeah, so there’s a record for I think the most shows in 24 hours, but not in a seven day period.

GT: What was that?

Christian: The record is actually 12 hours, and it was set last year by this guy. I think his name is like Hal Hayden or something. He did 10 shows in 12 hours in multiple cities. It had to be in multiple cities. Before that there is another record for single city, and that’s 40 shows in 12 hours that an orchestra did which is like, insane.

*Editor’s note: The record was set by country musician Hunter Hayes for most shows in a 24-hour period.

GT: Wow, that really is insane.

Adam: Yeah, I can’t even imagine that. Well, didn’t Andrew W.K. do that whole drumming thing?

Christian: Yeah, played drums for like 24 hours straight.

Adam: Yeah, that’s fucking crazy!

Christian: So, I mean, even if we don’t make the record or if something goes wrong or whatever, we are still gonna have this documentary that is going to get filmed. That’s really kinda the fun of it. We’re still gonna do this ridiculous tour that we actually got booked.

Adam: Yeah, I think that’s like the fucking miracle of it. Like once we actually started telling people like, “Hey, this is what we’re kinda trying to do,” people were generally really pumped about it. If they couldn’t put a show on for us, they were willing to toss us to someone else who could, and that was kind of the best part I think. Everybody was super positive about it. I feel like usually booking experiences are kind of a nightmare. Everyone we tell that we booked 40 shows in 10 days they’re like, “Are you fucking kidding me, you actually booked that?”

GT: That’s crazy, but so awesome! Your shows are going to just be primarily in the Midwest then, right?

Christian: Yeah, seven states. We start and end in Chicago. We go through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin, and then back into Chicago. No show is more than about two hours away from the other unless it’s an overnight, which is at most like maybe three hours.

GT: So you’re basically just performing and then leaving immediately to head out to the next show?

Christian: Sometimes. We’ve got some leeway for sure. But I mean, there are some really close calls that are going to happen.

Adam: Yeah, which I feel that, you know, I love staying for other bands. That’s how you find out about the best music, and I think that’s one thing I feel bummed about. Other than that, I feel like it’s just gonna be a fun little trial.

GT: What do you think people can expect from these shows?

Christian: A bunch of fun. I mean, we’re gonna be gnarly gentlemen.

Adam: I feel like towards the end it’s gonna look pretty grim. It’s just going out and playing in front of people. To me, that’s the best experience because it’s like whatever the rest of life is, you have this half-hour period where you just get to be completely insane and completely not yourself in the usual sense. I think that’s amazing, and I think we can definitely do that. Hopefully it doesn’t get crazy hard by show 30. I feel like I’ll be dying by show 20.

Christian: It’s already a high-energy show, so I think it will be fun to see how long we can keep that charade up.

GT: How are you guys going to be preparing for these shows then?

Christian: Oh, I’ve been working out for months, but I know I’m doomed (laughs).

Adam: I have not, so uh…

GT: So you’re much more screwed than Christian is then.

Adam: I feel like it (laughs). I mean, I’ve been singing in the shower more than usual. My brother is probably pissed off, but that’s OK.

Christian: I’m much more worried about my joints, though. Like, no amount of working out is going to save my thumbs and ankles and elbows from playing drums for that long.

Adam: Yeah, I already have a few Band-Aid things going, so I’m pretty pumped for that. On top of that, I kind of shredded a disco ball on my bass, so there are shards of glass on my bass and I didn’t realize that after a while those shards come off. So, that’s definitely something I’m going to be fighting a little more than usual. The last shows we played I would look at my hands and be like, “Oh wow, I’m cut everywhere.”

GT: Ouch. Well, was it difficult to get all 40 of these shows set up?

Christian: You know, it really wasn’t. It did take a long time. It took like three or four months.

Adam: I think the most difficult part was if we couldn’t find a show. There are a few points in the tour where we are going to be playing skateparks and we haven’t talked to anybody about those shows, so that’s essentially the roll up and play sort of scenario. There’s a high potential to get arrested, but we’re really trying not to. I scouted all these skateparks and found the ones that are not by a police station and had a parking lot where we could just pull up and start playing. Which also, I didn’t realize how many skate parks there are in the backyard of a police station which is so fucked to me. I mean, as kid, you just want to skate and be a fucking kid, so it’s almost like a booby trap these mutherfuckers are setting. It’s so gross.

Christian: Yeah, be free and smoke your pot kids.

Adam: Yeah, or like say a swear word or something (laughs).

GT: Who else will be going on tour with you guys? You mentioned someone was going to be documenting the whole thing?

Adam: Yeah, our buddy Dan Billups and Alan Callaghan. Dan actually just went to Sundance for this crazy documentary. He is an amazing filmmaker, so that should be a total blast.

GT: What type of turn out are you expecting at these shows?

Christian: I think it’s going to get bigger and bigger as we go. The first few shows are gonna be decently sized, I would imagine. But like, the last show that we have at The Mutiny has like Little Tits and Heavy Times. Like these huge bands, and it’s going to be insane. By the time we get back, everybody is going to want to see the piles of slime that are Adam and I.

Adam: (laughs) Yeah, I think that’s the incentive. Everybody keeps getting really excited. At least the people that I’ve talked too are like, “We want to go to the last shows because you guys are gonna be such pieces of shit.” I think that’s kinda more appealing to people than I thought.

GT: What are you looking forward to most about taking on this challenge?

Adam: It keeps getting closer and I just keep being like, “Fuck.” I feel like a month ago we were like, “Oh, this is going to be great, we’re gonna have a lot fun. Just like, driving around and going out.”

Christian: Actually, I think that’s the part I’m looking forward to, all the driving. It’s gonna be beautiful out there. I like the excitement and danger of just setting shit up and annoying a bunch of people for like 20 minutes and getting out before you get arrested. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Adam: Yeah, I feel like it definitely goes hand-in-hand with our records. It just seems like, well at least the EP we just put out, you know where it’s like sort of non-stop with just little breaths here and there. But you know, it’s just basically like a hit you in the face sort of thing.

GT: Well, definitely looking forward to the shows and seeing how things go. Anything else you guys want to add or let people know about your tour?

Christian: Yeah. Friday, June 19 we will be at Bric-a-Brac Records records and The Mutiny. Those will be the two shows that people can come see us at. Also, we will be here on Sunday, June 28 at East Room, Saki Records and The Mutiny and we need all the support and love we can get!

Here’s all the stops on Tinkerbelles’ world-record tour:

tinkerbelles tour

Tinkerbelles’ touring map, via the band’s Facebook page.

Friday, June 19
Bric-a-Brac Records – Chicago, IL
Naragansett Skatepark – Chicago, IL
The Mutiny – Chicago, IL
Ski House – Evanston, IL

Saturday, June 20
The Record Lounge – Lansing, MI
Clique Coffee Bar – Grand Rapids, MI
Dodds Record Shop – Grand Rapids, MI
The Flamingo Lounge – Grand Rapids, MI

Sunday, June 21
B-24’s Espresso Bar – Ypsilanti, MI
Roger’s Party – Cleveland, OH
Buzzbin Music Shop – Canton, OH
Sadie Rene’s – Canton, OH

Monday, June 22
Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza – Kettering, OH
Plaid Room Records – Loveland, OH
Westerville Skatepark – Westerville, OH
Maudie’s – Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday, June 23
Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
Exile On Main Street – Champaign, IL
Carrie Winter Skatepark – Olney, IL
Skihaus – Carbondale, IL

Wednesday, June 24
House Springs Skatepark – House Springs, MO
Belleville Skatepark – Belleville, IL
Music Record Shop – Saint Louis, MO
Foam – Saint Louis, MO

Thursday, June 25
Springfield Skatepark – Springfield, IL
Thirty-Thirty Coffee – Peoria, IL
Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA
Trumpet Blossom Cafe – Iowa City, IA

Friday, June 26
Daytrotter – Rock Island, IL
Ragged Records – Davenport, IA
Phillips Park Skatepark – Aurora, IL
The Drunken Donut – Joliet, IL

Saturday, June 27
Techny Prairie Skatepark – Northbrook, IL
The Asylum – Lake Bluff, IL
Burnhearts Bar – Milwaukee, WI
Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI

Sunday, June 28
Wilson Beach Skate Park – Chicago, IL
Saki Records – Chicago, IL
East Room – Chicago, IL
The Mutiny – Chicago, IL

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