Death/Death/Death Fest Happens This Saturday in Champaign

Thee Deathtower, one of Champaign-Urbana’s best DIY venues, and arguably one of the best venues in town, is hosting its first annual Death/Death/Death Festival this Saturday.

Message the venue here for the address.

The all-day DIY music festival happening on June 20 starts at 3:30 p.m. and features a walloping 14-band lineup.

The bands range from across Illinois, including acts from Chicago, CU, and Springfield. According to the event information, a $5 minimum donation is encouraged for touring bands but nobody will be turned away from attending.

The festival features heavier bands ranging from the punk antics of Springfield band Asthma to the Champaign stoner rock outfit Earth Witch, to the wall of noise that makes up Marathon’s “Guitarkestra.” Essentially, you’ll be exercising your eardrums and the 6 p.m. break set out for the middle of the festival will help rejuvenate you for another go at what could be one of the heaviest, and hottest, days of music you’ll experience in a while.

Check out the full schedule below (accurate as of Monday morning):

3:00 – Rotter

3:45 – Orator

4:30 – Downer’s Groove

5:15 – The Dingbats

5:50 – Toad Omen


6:45 – Acker

7:30 – Ode Vinter

8:15 – Gnargoyle

9:00 – Slow Chapel

9:45 – Warrs

10:30 – Asthma

11:30 – Gnarhval

12:15 – Earth Witch

1:00 – Marathon

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