Hosh Fest 2 Takes Place Tuesday in Chicago

Hosh Fets 2Hosh Fest 2 features folk-punk bands, artists, and vendors in Chicago on Tuesday, June 9.

The folk-punk fiesta moved from Indianapolis to Chicago for its second incarnation this year, taking place at Mt. Happy.

Hosh Fest is the creation of Hosham Records, a DIY folk-punk collective based out of Chicago and organized by The Suburbanists’ Sonny Kitsune. The mission of the fest is to showcase Chicago’s local bands and to provide a venue for out-of-state acts to play for a crowd in what is becoming one of the biggest folk-punk scenes in the region. This year’s festival will feature nine bands on two stages as well local vendors, and will be headlined by Albuquerque’s Arroyo Deathmatch.

The festivities begin at 7:30 p.m., but if you show up with a donation before the first band starts, you can get your hands on some venue-provided pizza too.

Check out the full lineup here:
7:30 – Upstairs Downstairs
8:00 – MisterOwl WallyTusk&TFC
8:30 – FalseIdols BennyPeek
9:00 – HwyRgrBndts Bandits!
9:30 – TheSuburbanists
10:00 – DaveyDynamite
10:30 – ArroyoDeathmatch
11:00 – Dunwich Rats

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