Sound of Scarlet – Through the Veil

ghost track album reviewsSound of ScarletArtist: Sound of Scarlet
Album: Through the Veil
Release: April 24, 2015
Our Take: “Buy it”

Sound of Scarlet is a Champaign-Urbana rock band formed by Byron Hall in 2015. As a solo artist, he shows his talent and proficient skills in music producing. You might have never heard of the band before, because SoS is still a new-born baby in our local music scene – the project’s first album was released just over a month ago. But take a closer look, and you’ll then notice how advanced the creature is.

The band says that its goal is to write songs that make a long-lasting emotional impression on listeners. And this is true when diving into their debut album, Through the Veil. The band is sharing its stories, expressing its emotions through the rhythm and lyrics. Listening to its first release is like watching a film: Even though the protagonist is a stranger, you’re standing close enough to watch his life, and your mood is rising and falling with him. Guitar is the main element of SoS’s composition. It isn’t a win for rare instrumentation or tactful in its use of odd scales. However, you can’t constrain your addiction to this album, maybe not for its high-quality recording, but simply because of the emotive melodies in both vocals and guitar.

It’s an incredibly well-constructed album. From song-writing to recording, the debut record shows the maturity of the artist’s profession and his devotion to composition. The album’s third track, “White Wings,” conveys strong emotions like the rest of the album. But the emotions here are perfectly integrated into those musical notes. The instrumentation creates an evident distinction between the primary and the subordinate in this naturally, well-mixed track. The rhythm and its lyrics act directly without any vagueness. You can touch the voice’s temperature, see its expressions, and become influenced by its motion. In less than four minutes, you experience the secret inner struggles and frustration within the composer, wandering at the crossing of confusion, depression, and fear. Individuals might translate the words and notes in different ways, but no one can escape from its magic of emotional influence.

Through the Veil is an album more than music, and as you listen on, you begin to see it was born to be beautiful.

You can listen to the album here.

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