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ghost track album reviewsMeristemsArtist: Meristems
Album: Old News
Release: May 28, 2015
Our Take: “Stream It”

Chicago band Meristems released their debut album Old News today.

The band, which plays live as a four-piece, has been around for over a year, playing shows and a few sessions around Illinois.

Frontwoman Grace Urrutia said the album took about a year to put together, having written the songs before then. Old News was recorded at DZ in Hickory Hills, Ill. by Ben Arguelles.

Urrutia said putting the Meristems lineup together with Clare Teeling, Emily Backal, and Meagan Zahora was in some ways a New Year’s resolution.

I wanted to try something different for myself and have the experience of meeting these amazing girls,” Urrutia said. “I had started (writing) but never finished, so I decided to make something simple enough to put these into a finished product, which is where the title Old News came from.”

You can stream the album here:

Urrutia also recruited Champaign-Urbana musician and artist Kamila Glowacki to do the artwork for the album. Glowacki’s work was featured in the first issue of the Ghost Track magazine.

The album blends Urrutia’s silky vocals over intricate guitarwork and keyboard instrumentation. The mix can come off mysteriously poppy through the lens of Urrutia’s melody in songs like “Daughter Light” and “Old Man and the Sea (Nickolas).” But then hit an intensity familiar to St. Vincent in tracks like “Winter Assembly.”

As of now, there are no tours booked for Meristems but Urrutia said she’s hopeful to get the band on the road.

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