Nice to Meet You: Sad Man

Eli Tracy announced the end of his project Sad Man last week, ending a two and a half year project.

Sad Man was active around the Champaign-Urbana area in recent months, but the project’s history dates back to late 2012 in Oak Forest, Ill. The singer-songwriter used personal lyricism to add emotion in his lo-fi recordings, making it feel as if you’re right at home with him while he’s writing the songs in his room.

We filmed this “Nice to Meet You” vignette with Sad Man performing an unreleased song a few months back, but by the time it reached the site, it’s been too late. There’s no telling about a future resurgence of the project, despite Tracy saying he has officially endedĀ it, as the project provided an outlet for himĀ both as an artist and a human being. Emotions are constant, and the Illinois musician will always know Sad Man as a mean for their escape.

Listen to Sad Man here:

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