Syruprise – Necessary Irrelevance

ghost track album reviewsSyrupriseArtist: Syruprise
Album: Necessary Irrelevance
Release: March 22, 2015
Our take: “Stream it”

If you go hunting for Champaign-Urbana’s local electronic music, finding a full-length album is a difficult task. But Syruprise’s Necessary Irrelevance helps fill the shortcomings of the local electronic music. Syruprise said creativity inspired the album, helping show both the artists’ progress and process.

Syruprise writes, produces, mixes, makes videos and illustrates the album covers for his music. Syruprise’s goal for producing the project is exactly what it needs to be birthed: creativity. At the same time, the artist holds high standards for every piece of the record, from composing to recording – not all the artists have proficiency in professional recording knowledge, but Syruprise kept building itself up with its previous albums and surpassing them to reach the next level. Necessary Irrelevance is one of the artist’s latest releases, exactly two months ago to the day. Compare it to the Project Serpo EP released around half an year ago, and one can easily find a much wider variety.

The third track “Underbugs” is less than two and a half minutes; however, it impresses with its water-flowing texture, and smoothly brings the dancing out from the bottom layer. Although there’s an absence of vocals leaving it less melodic, the beginning is reminiscent of Kraftwrek’s “The Robots.” They both have an ambient layer that serves as a basic support and enlightens the track with a balance of powerful rhythms.

“Katydid” ends the album with a chilling ambience. It’s not as catchy as the other eight tracks, and it’s more repetitive in general, but the number of coherent shifts in its beat and the detailed effects added to the background wipes off the baldness of its leading synth. It’s a 10-minute song, and one wouldn’t bother contributing that amount of time to it because it smooths out the negative emotion and influences the audience with a bright sound.

Necessary Irrelevance is not a dish that serves all tastes – it’s weird, cute, aggressive, and it’s mild. The artist’s passion builds the soul of the album, and his creativity brings out a surprise for those looking for something fresh and special.

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