Los Assparados Changes Name to Teddy Bomber, Releases New Demo

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Artist: Teddy Bomber (formerly Los Assparados)
Album: Get Out of My House
Release: May 7, 2015 (self-released)
Our Take: “Stream It”

Champaign punk band Los Assparados officially changed their name to “Teddy Bomber” late last week and released a five-song demo called Get Out of My House.

The band also included that a “full length (is) to come this summer” on their bandcamp page.

The new demo doesn’t stretch far from the original sound of the band under the “Los Assparados” name, continuing with the theme of distorted vocals grinding over fast-paced punk tracks. Despite changing main vocalists, the band’s lyricism has also remained in line with songs off their 2014 release Fiesta in the USA (the band’s 2015 track “Never Been Sober” is blatantly reminiscent of 2014’s “2Stoned”).

But Teddy Bomber’s newest recordings require a patient listener. The demo, which was recorded at the Champaign DIY venue Thee Deathtower, doesn’t hit its stride until the third track, “Never Been Sober.” But when it takes off, it takes off. This song, along with the fourth track (“Breaking Up”) are two of the best to come out of the Champaign-Urbana punk scene so far this year. And “Over Again,” the demo’s closer, isn’t far behind.

The band excels in its balance between frontman Nico Hualde (former Youthbitch bassist) and guitarist Sam Cronenberg, as their back-and-forth anthem-like melodies take good songs and elevate them to a level of catchiness unparalleled in the CU punk scene.

If anything, this short demo release lends itself to excite us for the full-length record promised for this summer and bodes well for an exciting year of live performances.

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