WATCH: Tara Terra & The Fights Live at Krannert

Champaign-Urbana bands Tara Terra and The Fights played a free show at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Urbana this past Friday. Both bands shared new material while also playing tracks off their 2014 releases (The Fights’ Off Your Horse and Tara Terra’s Daughter).

The venue had The Fights perform a half-hour earlier than billed, which led to the crowd trickling in during the alt-country band’s set but they trucked through it, even cracking jokes about the situation throughout the set. You can watch videos of the performances here:

The Fights – “Ain’t Scared”

The Fights – “Graffiti”

Tara Terra brought a younger crowd to its feet, surrounding the lobby stage and filling the room with a full-on electric sound. You can watch a video of the band playing the first track off their latest record Daughter here:

Tara Terra – “Smoke”

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