Ghost Story #1 – Welcome to Ghost Track

ghosttrack_ghostI’ve been surrounded by a music scene for most of my life now. That’s a weird thought for someone who was new to music at the age of 12 and still feels the same things now as I did then. But it’s sort of like how no one remembers growing taller. When you look at a kid, you think, “Jesus, was I that small back then?” It’s that static memory roots you in what you grew up believing and keeps you honest with who you are.

Joe Plukarski and I came from the same area. We knew the same people, and we looked up to the same musicians. When I think back to the biggest bands in my life, most of them are friends of ours. Most of them nobody knows about except for the people we know. But they mean so much to both of us. Some of the best moments of our lives were packed inside houses while people shook the walls with music. Hell, breaking a ceiling fan with my head during a show is one of the fondest memories I have from growing up. Maybe 100 people were there and shared those experiences. They were life changing to me. And they were life changing to everyone I knew who had a share in that south suburban scene.

We all grew up. We all went separate ways. Not just Joe and I, but everyone in that area. Some people quit making music, some people do so just for fun every once in a while, and others left for bigger cities to find another group to connect with through music – mainly Chicago because of the proximity and culture. I went to Champaign-Urbana for school, and like my friends in Chicago, I found even more people sharing in the DIY music scene. The scene and its culture weren’t just in our hometown anymore. It was everywhere, in different pockets of the world, all sharing in the same happiness of celebrating the love for friends’ music. It’s an obvious lesson in retrospect, but much like growing taller, I was blind to it until I really looked around.

Ghost Track isn’t original. We aren’t breaking any ground, and we aren’t here to change the world. We’re here to change your world. Ghost Track‘s purpose is to share that experience Joe and I had in the homes of our hometown. We want you to meet our friends. We want our friends to meet yours. They all have stories and experiences worth being shared, and that’s what Ghost Track is about. We want to do our best to introduce you to as many of the people we love and look up to as much as we can, because they’ve meant so much to us. And we know they’ll mean that much to you too.

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